City Indemnification

Maximum Care, Minimal Risk

We are proud to be an indemnified trenchless and pipe bursting contractor for the City of Calgary. We are trusted to work on City property as our high standards, commitment to quality, and experience meet our municipality’s requirements. As homeowners, you are responsible for maintaining your water and sewer services up to the City connection. When hiring an indemnified contractor you can be assured that we will execute quality work and ensure these connections meet the City’s regulations and bylaws. We will assess the service line’s condition from inside your home to the City main, and if we find issues anywhere inbetween, we are qualified to complete any necessary repairs. As an indemnified contractor, we can utilize a cost-share program with the City for your property if applicable, saving you money and reducing your risk.

How Our Indemnification Benefits You

Our qualification means that we are trusted by the City to prevent damages to existing infrastructure, ensure the public’s health and safety, and provide quality control over our work. We help you save time, money and reduce stress by ensuring our work is completed to the highest standards and meets all City specifications. The next time you are required to choose a City indemnified contractor, choose one you already know and trust – choose TerraBurst.

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