Open Trench Repair

Maximum care, minimal impact

An open trench repair involves digging along the existing sewer or water pipe. Once exposed, either an entire new pipe will be laid down in place of the old pipe, or the defective portion of the line is replaced or repaired.

TerraBurst approaches each project on a case-by-case basis; upon visiting the site and diagnosing the sewer or water issue, we’ll determine whether the work can be completed using trenchless technology or whether the open trench method will be necessary.

Under certain circumstances a trenchless solution just won’t do the job. Our aim is to provide you with the best, most suitable sewer repair solutions, which is why we also provide open trench solutions to customers.

Open Trench Spot Repair

If the pipe is in good condition but there is a flaw in one small area of the line only, such as a sag or slump, partial collapse, cracked pipe or broken connection caused by improper bedding or improper installation by the previous contractor, TerraBurst is able to provide you with a spot repair fix. Spot repairs consist of digging over the faulty area of the pipe and repairing only that section, rather than replacing the entire service.

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