Pipe Bursting

Maximum care, minimal impact

Pipe bursting is a cutting-edge method of replacing an existing water or sewer pipe while causing minimal damage and disturbance to the ground around it.

Pipe bursting is a permanent repair for root intrusion and pipe blockages, sewer line cracks, broken pipes or joints, ovalling, partially collapsed pipes and replacement of old material which has come to the end of its lifespan (i.e. clay tile, asbestos cement, cast iron or concrete).

About the process

A small launch and receiving pit are dug, usually at the home foundation and property line. Pipe bursting equipment is set up at one end, and the pipe is launched from the other.

A conical busting head is fitted on the new pipe, which varies depending on the material of the old pipe. Using the existing pipe as a guide, the hydraulic pipe bursting equipment cuts through the existing pipe whilst simultaneously pulling a new, seamless, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe into place behind it.

The new pipe will be tied in and connection completed before a post-installation camera inspection is conducted, followed by backfilling and compacting the small excavation sites.

Pipe bursting is a permanent repair for the following issues:

  1. 1. Root intrusion and blockages
  2. 2. Cracks in the sewer line
  3. 3. Broken pipes or joints
  4. 4. Ovalling/ovalled/egg-shaped pipes
  5. 5. Partially collapsed pipes
  6. 6. Replacing a pipe made from older material which has reached the end of its lifespan (for example no corrode, Orangeburg, clay tile, asbestos cement, cast iron, concrete, ductile iron mains etc)

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