Trenchless Point Repair

Trenchless Point Repair

In some circumstances, a trenchless point repair may be a cost-effective and practical alternative for pipe repair. A point repair or pipe patch is typically installed through a cleanout and delivered to the damaged section of pipe, as a no-dig solution for rehabilitation.

A trenchless point repair creates a new section of pipe within an existing one to achieve the following:

Repair an infiltration or exfiltration

Provide structural restoration

Improve performance and flow quality

Resolve corrosion

Repair cracks or holes

Point repairs create a protective wall or lining around the damaged pipe to reinforce compromised areas. This process is quick and, in most cases, can be completed in a few hours with minimal disruption to services and surfaces.

A point repair is the preferred method for a variety of reasons including it is affordable, effective, and long-lasting, not to mention no digging is required. Call TerraBurst for a video inspection of the line to determine the condition of the damaged pipe and location. At this time our experienced technicians will be able to determine if a point repair is the recommended solution.

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