Tunneling Services

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is a cost-effective alternative for placing steel casings under highways, rail embankments and railways, or waterways. As the favourable method in loose or non-cohesive ground conditions, TerraBurst have both the technology and the know-how to complete pipe ramming projects in Calgary with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Our experience in completing large-scale pipe ramming projects means we’re well-placed to identify, project manage and solve the problem.

Maximum care, minimal impact

Auger Boring

Auger boring is an established trenchless pipe repair option for installation in a variety of soil and ground conditions for straight and level connections. The auger boring method utilizes a revolving cutting head which is located at the leading end of an auger assembly to excavate the soil, while the pipe is affixed to hydraulic jacks which thrust the casing into the soil. This versatile technique reduces subsurface disruption without creating a slurry, boasting a high success rate under favourable geophysical conditions.

Guided Auger Boring

Guided boring allows for the installation of steel casings with a high degree of accuracy, suitable for construction where grade and alignment are critical, such as gravity pipelines. Guided auger boring uses precision guiding equipment and tubes to measure and adjust the path of the product pipe. This versatile technique reduces subsurface disruption without creating a slurry, and ensures accuracy on longer and more difficult shots with an accuracy tolerance as tight as ¼” on the vertical axis at distances over 500 feet.

Conductor Barrels, Culverts and Crossings

TerraBurst team members have played key roles on many of Western Canada’s biggest, toughest, most complex pipeline projects. We have an exceptional track record of successful conductor barrel placement projects plus rail, river and highway crossings.

Why choose TerraBurst?

  • Reliable vendor with proven history
  • Experienced in managing projects of all size
  • Operating with minimal impact and disruption
  • Technologically advanced, customer service focused


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